Monday, September 16, 2013

Summer Is the Best--Part VI/Summer Comes To a Close :(

My brother and his family came to visit this summer.  They couldn't stay long, but I had fun while they were here!  Just wished I'd taken more pictures.

Here are Jacob and Jason.  They had a lot of fun together, I'm glad they're to an age where they like to play with each other.  Love these kids!

Trevor flew his little jet on it's maiden voyage while they were here.  I love that Trevor has fun hobbies that the kids love, too.

We went to a movie.  I know, exciting.  The kids entertained themselves while we waited for the movie to start by trapping each other in these little basket things.

We also went to Virginia City while they were here.  It's a cool little ghost town.  We had to drive a ways to get there and I felt bad it turned out like it did because I underestimated the driving time and we didn't get to spend much time there before we had to get back for an appointment.  Nice.

I love spending time with my brother and his family.  They're so much fun to hang out with. I just wish we lived closer!!

After they had to leave to get home, we went to the Strupp Family Reunion in Island Park.  That was a good time.  I was excited all Trevor's brothers and sisters could make it.  We played on the reservoir in this boat we rented.  One morning after the boat had been tied to the dock, we came out and there was a mink in the boat.  It had dragged some half eaten crawdads in, too.  We (Bryson and Trevor) cleaned up his crawdad mess...and a different mess...and we tried to get the mink out but he was hiding in the front of the boat under the seats and we couldn't get him out.  We decided we'd just go water skiing and see what happened.  I went first.  It was funny to see the mink run up to the side of the boat and jump out into the water.  We saw it later, too. I assume it was the same one since he lives by that dock.  The kids chased him awhile and tried to catch it.  They didn't.  I guess that's good--they probably would've gotten rabies or something.  No pictures of the mink, though.  Boo.

We had a surprise birthday party for Trevor's dad.  This is one of the many things you can do with a party hat.  Aunt Lisa is such a fun aunt!

That's the extent of the pictures I got at the family reunion.  I'm waiting on some promises to email other's pictures.

This is what we did for Labor Day.  We have a little fishing boat that we bought, and it's really pretty nice to water ski and tube with, too.  We didn't know if it would pull us up on a ski, but it pulled us right out of the water and it's really fun to ski behind!  The kids didn't want to get off the tube all day.  Except Ashley...she wasn't a fan.  It's not a really clear picture, but she's about as happy as she looks.  Kind of weird because she wanted to go on all the rides at Lagoon, but the tube is "too fast" for her.  Whatever.  

The first day of school.  Ashley goes to a different school, and Jason (obviously) hadn't started school yet in this picture.  The kids like school and their teachers a lot.  I'm not sure I was ready for summer to be over yet.

Here's Jason's first day :)

Random picture on my phone.  I was driving to pick up my V.T. partner, and I saw these three bucks in someone's yard.  The part I thought was weird were all these bucks hanging out together. No does in sight.  Weird.


teamteusch said...

I would have loved if you sent Jason on his first day of school in his pajamas! Your kids are getting so big. I remember we came to visit when Tyler was in preschool! Keep posting! I love it!

Jennifer Gomez said...

I loved reading about your summer! Sounds like you had such a great time!


So fun! Boo for the end of summer.

Amanda, Curtis, Ellis, Hugh, Rhys said...

Kim you are one fun woman! The kids in your life are lucky ducks. I love the pictures of your red neck adventures and am glad you will still pose on a dinosaur statue and laugh uncontrollably for a whole weekend. I would do that, too!

I hope the school year is going well so far for everyone in your great family. Lots of love!