Monday, September 16, 2013

Summer Is the Best---Part IV

One day while at Grandma's house, we took the kids to Lagoon.  Grandma Madsen came to help out with all the kids I wanted to take :)  Tyler, Hailey, Ashley, Jason, cousins Jared, Nathan and Natalie all came to have a fun filled day at Lagoon.  Here are some pictures to document our fun:

Hailey's really having a good time, she just thinks it's funny to look like she's not :)

Nathan and Ashley on the Spider.  I was surprised at how many crazy rides they wanted to go on.

Natalie and Jason--they loved riding together on some of the smaller rides.  When the kids wanted to go on the big rides, I went with them and Grandma stayed with Natalie and Jason.

The older boys would humor the younger kids and ride the little rides with them (they loved it...)

This may be my favorite face.  I think this girl is darling.  She looks a little scared, but she really wasn't.  I turned and said: "smile!" and this is the look she gave me.

 All the kids on a swing ride.  

Tyler and Hailey on the Colossus.  They loved this ride!  They wanted to keep riding it over and over, but I told them we should try other rides, too.  Ashley went on it, too.  She was barely tall enough.

We also took the kids to 7 peaks.  I don't keep my phone with me to take pictures with at water parks.  So this is all you get.


teamteusch said...

Ah Lagoon.I miss it! Remember when you took me for D.A.R.E. day in 6th grade? (My 6th grade, not yours.) You're a fun Mom to take them on roller coasters!