Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer is the Best--Part III

I went to YW camp this summer.  Although it was amazing, I didn't take any pictures...I do have some "selfies" from the Young Women taken with my phone, but I figure they don't want me to post their selfies on my blog. 
*Note: I was only using my phone for the camera and the clock.  There was no service up there...this is important because phones weren't allowed.  And apparently I wasn't even using the I guess it was just a very large watch...

I did the girls hair in a lot of braids so Trevor and the babysitter wouldn't have to worry about their hair.  It took longer than I thought, so Ashley's braids are bigger since I had to leave and didn't have time to make her braids tiny.


After the braids:

We took a second trip to Utah this summer that was FULL of fun..each and EVERY day.  We went for a couple reasons:  Trevor was going on a fishing trip to Yellowstone with some guys (so I wasn't invited) and I figured we should visit Grandma and the attractions in Utah.  And I needed to drop off the kids at my mom's so she could watch them while Trevor and I went on a little be posted later.

We did so many fun things.  I had bought the kids a "Pass of All Passes" which is a pass to a whole bunch of fun places in Utah.  And it was only $10 for a year!  Actually $30, but then you get to chose a $20 gift certificate to one of the places they list on their website...I digress.

We went to the Trafalga's.  These pictures are of the Lehi Trafalga.
Hailey and Ashley REALLY liked the rock climbing.  Jason wouldn't try it because he was busy playing on the slides.

Tyler tried it...I think it scared him to get higher than this...
 We went with the Howard's (Aunt Saralyn and Uncle Sam and cousins) and Grandpa and Grandma.  The kids loved the time they spent with their grandparents and cousins!!

Hailey in the go-cart.  I just think they're a little weird about the rules these days.  I got to drive when I was her age.

I met with some friends one morning for a picnic breakfast.  I have such fond memories with these girls from high school.  We missed the rest of The Collective!!

We went and visited Trevor's sisters.  Briana bought a house in Murray and Britta was visiting.  Her house is beautiful!  I only got to see Scott for like 3 minutes before he had to leave for work.  But I DID see the amazing things he's done to their back yard!  It looked so good and he wasn't even finished yet!  It was so great to talk with Briana and Britta while the kids ran wild in her house.  I wished I had taken some pictures...

We stopped by Scheels when we were driving past one day.  They have a ferris wheel INSIDE the store.  It's huge.  All the kids wanted to go on the ferris wheel, except Jason--who I FORCED on the ferris wheel.  I knew he'd like it if he tried it.  He did.  He LOVED it!  That eased my guilt.

That weekend Mike and Alicia came to Orem to go to a wedding. We went to the Orem Trafalga.  I secretly want my kids to be best friends with the cousins their age.  It's working like a charm!

Tyler and Trevor got mustache's with their game winnings.

If you haven't read the two previous posts, those are new today.  I have to stop for today to pick up kids from school, but there will be more Summer posts to come!  Maybe not until after the Labor Day weekend though--we have more fun plans :)


teamteusch said...

I remember when you braided all the hair at girls camp...the camp we went to, not this last time when you went. Looks like your skills have stayed sharp. :)