Monday, October 28, 2013

Here's the Latest

We got a trampoline :)  The kids are so excited and love to jump on it.  Too bad it's starting to get too cold.

While I was taking pictures of the new trampoline, we also got our first injury.  Ashley knocked her own tooth out with her knee.  It was one that needed to come out, but another one she knocked loose is the one I'm a little worried about. 

 We buried our trampoline.  Quite a job! It took a lot of digging and moving cinder blocks. My husband's amazing.

Trevor's the coolest dad.  Just so you know.

There's the trampoline all buried.  We also have grass.  HURRAY!  I'm VERY excited about the grass.  And the trampoline.

 I saw this picture on my phone and had to include it.  Jason got a new suit jacket.  He REALLY wanted one to be just like his dad.  We picked one up and he's feeling pretty dapper.  He looks pretty dapper.

The fireman came to Jason's school to talk about fire safety.  Jason was chosen as a volunteer to try on the uniform.  Doesn't fit as well as the suit jacket, but he still felt pretty awesome.

 My dad and my nephew, Conner came to visit for a day.  Conner and Jason had a snowball fight.  Jason thinks Conner's pretty amazing.  He was so good to play with the kids.  Bless his heart.

Grandma Strupp came to visit for a day, too.  She brought the kids some face paint and spent the better part of the morning making these amazing creations.  It was a pretty thankless job because Hailey and Jason asked to wash it off (pretty sure they just wanted another work of art done) but not Ashley.  She wore it ALL day, to stores and everywhere else we went.  She had a hard time washing it off that night and wanted to make sure I had taken plenty of pictures.

 Take a look at his thumb.  I never knew he had such talent!  It's disgusting, I know.  There's all sorts of other talents he showed me that day.  Wish I could document all of them.

That's the latest.  I didn't have much time for the narrative, I apologize :)


Amanda, Curtis, Ellis, Hugh, Rhys said...

Ellis just got to try on the fire fighter suit in her 3rd grade class and loved it! I guess it's fun at any age. So glad you guys are getting some important home projects done before it's really winter. That must feel so good. Hope the tooth is okay!


Grass, trampoline-awesome. Tooth and thumb adventures-eww, gross!