Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Birthday Present

I wouldn't usually post about my own birthday, but this year was especially fun.  Since the kids are getting a little older and more aware of months/days/etc, Tyler has a little count-down on his calendar when one of the family's birthday's are coming.  They've been notifying me each day about how many days are left until my birthday.  They're so sweet :)

Last week, Tyler and Hailey wanted to give me an "early birthday present".  So they wrote me a book.  After seeing how much I liked it, Tyler wrote me a sequel. :)  

(Ashley also wrote me a couple books, but I'll have to include that one in the next post because I just didn't have time today.)

I was telling my sister about the drawings and she really wanted me to post the pictures so she could see them.  So here they are, Amanda! :)

The first book is on the left, and the pictures of that book follow.  Then the sequel comes after. Enjoy!

Notice my "competiters" are very sweaty.

Blow this picture up if you have to, it's worth it.  That buff man is all sweaty only lifting 50, but I'm lifting 100--in front of my workout video.  
I personally think that's a great illustration of our mini van.

Actually, a dental hygienist.  But I do give sweaty, nervous people injections.
Ah, isn't that the sweetest thing?  I'm tucking them into bed, and we love each other. 

Now for book 2.  And now you know how old I am.

This might be my favorite sequel ever. My son has a promising future in writing/illustrating.

Don't know what that's supposed to mean.  I've "been better at driving" ??
His head exploded :)

I love my kids.  Completely.Love.Them. 
I hope I can be the mom they deserve.  They're such great kids.


Sandy Brunson said...

oh my word! That is the best book and sequel ever. so funny.

SamSara said...

I'm glad you took pictures of the book--in case the paper doesn't last forever. Such precious children!

Amanda, Curtis, Ellis, Hugh, Rhys said...

Those were the best things ever! I am so glad you posted them. I had to call Curtis in to read them with me. So great! He should be a cartoonist. He knows how to set up the story and humor in his drawings. I love the competitors saying "Shoot!" and your response to getting a medal. "Yippee!" Sounds like you are being the the great mom that they love. Heads exploding all around with hearts!

teamteusch said...

Yay I'm so glad you finally updated your blog! Those books are AWESOME! I love them! Your kids are hilarious, and very talented too. I laughed out loud at the exploding head pic.

Lisa Strupp said...

I LOVE your kids! That is the cutest thing I've ever seen! You are the best mom, and can totally beat a buff man, and you are the best driver! I can totally attest to all of these things!lol Hope your birthday was fantastic! We love you so much our heads might explode! Creepy wink!