Monday, December 10, 2012

2012--A Summary

This year has been really fun and busy.  We’ve had a lot of basketball games, ballet, moving, and all the fun that goes with building a house. We haven’t moved IN to our new house…but when we told our previous landlord that we were starting the building process, she said she would put our rental house up  for sale and see what happened.  It sold the first day.  So we moved into another rental house for a few months while our house is being built.  (Thanks Bruce and Jen!!  We owe you BIG time!)

Aside from moving over the summer, we spent our time going to a few continuing education courses (quite the date night, eh?) and visiting with family.

We've had some visits from family and friends this year. We always have a fun time going to Yellowstone and showing visitors our beautiful area (even if the wildlife was lacking at times…sorry Ridpaths!!).

Trevor is crazy busy, but is still the best husband and father ever. He’s busy with work, church callings and the kids and balances it all so well.  When he saw a lag in the calendar, he filled it with prairie dog hunting, pheasant hunting, and deer hunting…whatever he can find.  I sure love this man and all he does for our family.

Kim stays home with the kids and runs them to and from their activities.  Many of you can relate J I’ve worked a few days each month at the office to fill in.  I love having the few days to be a real adult, but I find it makes me miss my stay at home job.  I love being able to spend time with the kids each day.  I also love playing city league volleyball and going to the YW activities each week.  I’ve found a new love: picking stuff for a house.  I’m sure the time will come when I’ll get sick of it.  It hasn’t happened yet J

Tyler turned 9 this year.  He’s such a good kid and really likes school, basketball, swimming and cub scouts. He continues to be a wonderful big brother and loves to play and wrestle with Jason when he gets home from school.  Friends are getting so important to him lately, and he’s always disappointed if he can’t go play at a friend’s house.  So it begins, I guess. He has some great friends, though, so I don’t worry when he wants to spend so much time with them.  They’re good influences!!

Hailey just turned 8. The last post on this blog talked about her baptism.  She loved every minute of the baptism and program!  She’s such a loving, fun little girl. She and Ashley decided they wanted to sign up for ballet this year.  They’ve been having a GREAT time.  Their teacher is really good at entertaining while teaching.  It’s neat to see them learn so quickly and like it at the same time!!

Ashley is 6 years old.  She’s such a happy kid and sure likes school and playing with her friends.  I love hearing her giggles throughout the house.  She knows how to make anyone happy. She wants a bunny more than anything.  Poor bunny-less Ashley. She also loves going to ballet with Hailey.

Jason is 4 soon.  Weird.  He started preschool this year and goes twice a week.  He asks every morning if it’s a “school day”.  You’d never know how much he loves it by the way he whines after he finds out it is, indeed, a “school day.”  But he does have so many good things to say about school each time I pick him up, in spite of the whining I hear before I drop him off.  He holds his own with the older kids and always wants to join in their playing.  He loves wrestling with Tyler and wants to play basketball like the rest of his sisters and brother.  Alas, he has to be in kindergarten for that.

We are so grateful for our Savior’s birth and atoning sacrifice.  We count our blessings every day and are so thankful for our family and friends and the opportunities we have.  Thank you so much for blessing us with your friendships.  We love and miss you all so much!


Vicki B said...

Merry Christmas. Your children are smart and beautiful, and you two are smart to have them!

Pretty Aunt VIcki

Jennifer Gomez said...

It was great to read what you guys have been doing this year! We might have to talk to you guys when we plan out trip to Yellowstone! ;) Happy Holidays!


Hey Kim! Fun to hear about your cute and growing family. Your new house is looking awesome. I loved your Christmas card-you're gorgeous!